Salus Europe distributes medical cannabis products to licensed distributors in regions with an established medical cannabis programme. All products are manufactured in an EU-GMP certified facility.

Products are supplied under the trusted Salus Europe brand, and we also offer a White-Label option to select third-party distributors.

Due to cannabis’ status as a controlled substance across Europe, no references, product descriptions or illustrations of Salus Europe products may be published or advertised. Advertisement of cannabis to the public as a treatment, prevention, or cure, for any diseases, disorders, illnesses, or medical conditions is forbidden. If you would like to learn more about cannabis flowers or the active ingredient and its therapeutic uses, then please contact your attending physician or pharmacist.

If you would like access to specific information about the Salus Europe product range, such as product variations, cannabinoid profile and detailed educational information, as well as our order process, please contact us on